“Now they will feel the wrath of Abidu Shaker” Cubana Chief Priest threatens the Nigerian government over Prophet Odumeje’s church demolition

Posted Bybadge on July 10th, 2022 0

Avatar for Amadi Harrison cuban co Popular Nigerian celebrity barman Cubana Chief Priest has tendered his encouragement to the Nigerian clergyman whose congregation was demolished by the Nigerian government.


In the recent saga, the government stormed Odumeje’s congregation, held him captive, tortured him and demolished his congregation buildings.

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The reason why it was demolished is still not revealed but the Nigerian internet space exploded via how citizens shared their views according to their nostalgia.

One of the Nigerian finest business moguls, Cubana Chief Priest also laid his voice on the saga. He encouraged the cleric and threatened the public mass who brutalized the man of God.

In his words, he said:

“Stay Strong Man Of God @prophetchukwuemeka Now They Will Feel The Wrath Of Abidu Shaker !!!! We Love You So Much Happy Soul & We Feel Your Pain. ChiefPriest️ Dey For You. ”.

Watch video below;

The violent assault on Pastor #Odumeje by security agents is a new low in primitive law enforcement. It’s unlawful, degrading & cruel. No doubt, it was premeditated, recorded & published to demoralize & annoy millions of his admirers.

— aloy ejimakor (@AloyEjimakor) July 7, 2022

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