Ladies Fight Over Me Because I am a Horse In Bed” – Actor Eddie Nartey

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Eddie Nartey, a well-known film director and producer, has finally confirmed long-held rumors that he was stabbed by his ex-girlfriend in 2012 after being caught in bed with another woman.

Legon Alumni appeared at ease in an interview with Delay when she inquired for confirmation of the event as a follow-up to whether the case proved he is strong in bed.

Eddie confirmed,

Yeah [I’m strong in bed],” adding “verily” when the question was repeated for emphasis.

“I went to an event with her, and something happened, and she became enraged and fled.” “I stayed to have a good time,” he said. “

After the event, he returned home and met the girl. It was crazy and dirty. She vandalized almost everything in my room.

Although it wasn’t on purpose, she stabbed me in the back with a louver blade.

  “It was a fit of rage.”

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