Manchester United fans anticipate quadruple as Erik Ten Hag trashes Liverpool 4-0 to win a Mini-Stadium trophy

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20220712 174444 The new side of Manchester United‘s new head coach, Erik Ten Hag has completely trashed Liverpool in a comfortable 4-0 victory after an intense entertaining approach.


The beautiful pre-season game held in China showcased an entertaining game after Manchester United dominated the game.

20220712 174507

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The first goal of the Erik Ten Hag era came as a beautiful one from Sancho who forced in a beautiful strike into the opposite net from the box after an awful defending from Liverpool defence prompted a beautiful chance.

Another master class work goal came as a chip from the Brazilian maestro, Fred who outshined Allison with his work rate.

20220712 175200

The third goal was deployed professionally by Anthony Martial who converted a slighted chance in the box also.

After a long-range of dominance from Manchester United’s maestros, Pellistri finalised the score sheet with a beautiful goal in the 76th minute making it a tally of 4-0.

20220712 175220

They were also handed a mini-stadium trophy as a reward for their master class performance.

Manchester United fans are anticipating a beautiful season after they had recorded the most awful football campaign during the 2021/2022 era.

Watch the videos below;

Finally a trophy for us
I know it’s preseason only but still trophy is
Ten hag ball ️#MUNLIV Manchester United vs Liverpool #MUTOUR22

— Divyansh Narang (@I_am_dev_13) July 12, 2022

Darwin Nunez – we saw it in the youtube highlights. #MUNLIV #Manchester United vs Liverpool

— Ten Hag’s Red Army. (@mufcstha) July 12, 2022

Martial Goal vs Liverpool #MUNLIV #LIVMUN #ManchesterUnited #united

— Has_Utd (@has_utd) July 12, 2022

Jadon Sancho goal vs Liverpool.

The first goal of Erik ten Hag era at Manchester United.


— Lij (@ElijahKyama) July 12, 2022

All Goals: Manchester United vs Liverpool 4-0#MUNLIV #MUFC

— Median Sport (@mediansportcom) July 12, 2022

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